November 24, 2010

Software Technology – Crack Codes, Viruses and Inconsistency

The popularity of computer and internet has been growing fast for the past decade. Alongside with this is the growing industry and popularity of software technology. Its fast growth is widely expected because of its demand when it comes to the usage of computers, laptops and even the internet. Its demand is high because from students to office workers use this type of technology in their everyday life. But still, there are available products of this technology that gives a negative effect on the usage of computers and laptops.

If something is that important, than why does it pose a negative effect? Yes it is important but it could still pose a negative effect because there are some software manufacturers that create a new product that is highly exploitable. A software technology could be exploited by the use of key generators, Keygen or a crack code. Manufacturers may have the best software developers in their team but there are individual programmers out there than can easily penetrate their programming.

It is not only the exploitation that poses a threat or a negative effect. There are also other factors such as, incompatibility, consistency and having a virus free update. Complains from computers and laptop users on these factors have been asked in several websites, blog and forum but the complete answer or solution has not yet been said. A good example of this is the Microsoft Word 2007 (manufactured by Microsoft Corporation).

There are millions who are using Microsoft word 2007 to write articles, projects, home works and office files. A common complaint or discrepancy people complain about this software technology is the consistency of its spelling and grammar checker and not regarding a crack code. Most of the time there is a problem with the checking of grammar by the software. When people finish their paper work and submit it, mentors, instructors and teachers question the sentence structure or the grammar of certain sentences in the paper work. The person who made the paper work would check it again over Microsoft word and the software would say that there is nothing wrong with the spelling or grammar.

Other concerns in software usage such as the incompatibility and virus free updates could be categorized as minor concerns. There are quick solutions to these types of software problem. Software’s that are highly popular to computers and laptop users would have some sort of quick troubleshooting or solutions to problems that highly affects people’s daily lives. These software manufacturers should be thankful that there is no one yet (besides them) that could dominate the industry of software manufacturing.

November 21, 2010

Cheap Parcel Delivery in UK and UK to other Countries

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November 15, 2010

Antonio Margarito’s Mouth Made More Damage than His Punches

Trash talking is normal for boxers especially if both fighters have a heavy rivalry. There are some people not only boxers themselves but also trainers and other staff that go beyond the boarder of trash talking. In the latest fight of Antonio Margarito against Manny Pacquiao, there was a lot of trash talking in the part of Team Margarito.

Antonio Margarito “Manny Pacquiao cannot punch, he doesn’t punch that hard.”
Richard Garcia (Margarito’s Trainer) “Manny Pacquiao is scared of Margarito.”

These are only some of the trash talking that happened before the fight. This could be a strategy but sometimes it can also be their arrogance or over confidence. Margarito is 5 inches taller and heavier than Pacquiao and that could be the factor that made them think that they can win it easily. Before the fight these words can really damage a person, but during the fight these words are practically useless.

Antonio Margarito “I will prove in this fight that I don’t cheat and I will prove that I can really hit hard.” – After Margarito said these words, he even flexed and showed his muscles and six packed abs.

Margarito’s physical condition and what he had said as his physical ability actually didn’t show up in the boxing ring. In other words, all the trash talking and arrogant statements of Margarito are all lies. When the fight ended both eyes of Margarito was severely swollen that he was rushed to the hospital after the fight. On the other hand, Manny Pacquiao only has a slight bruise in his right cheek bone. So it just shows that Margarito damages his opponent throught his mouth (trash talking) and not by his fist and punches.

There was also a video posted in Youtube regarding Team Margarito’s stuff making fun of Freddie Roach’s disease. These kinds of actions are not really necessary because the fight will be decided in the ring. It just shows that they are really good at talking trash behind people but when it comes to action they cannot prove anything.

During the fight Antonio Margarito even have the guts to smile or laugh at Pacquiao every time Pacquiao lands a 3 or 4 combo punch. It was like he was daring Manny Pacquiao to hit harder because Margarito is somehow saying to Pacquiao that his punches are not hurting him. Guess what? From round 7 to round 12 Antonio Margarito cannot smile anymore because he was already feeling that the game has been brought by Pacquiao.

Antonio Margarito didn’t appear in the post-fight interview because after the fight he had to be rushed to the hospital. He dared Pacquiao to bring the game and Pacquiao showed his game. This just proves that Antonio Margarito cannot punch hard and on the other hand Manny Pacquiao is really a hard hitter.

Probably Antonio Margarito should quit boxing and just go back to where he came from and just trash talk with his fellow Mexicans. Or maybe, he just wanted to fight Pacquiao because of the money that he will earn from the fight.

November 10, 2010

Justin Bieber’s Youtube Music Video – Total Failure

There are a lot of talented singers in the Music Industry today but not all of them have a good image to the public. Can you imagine that it is possible to have over 300 million views but over 600 thousand of them hated that thing they viewed? In the music video Baby by Justin Bieber it is possible. His video in Youtube has over 300 million views but 600 thousand dislikes it and only 300 thousand likes it.

It may sound impossible but you can check it for yourself. There were also a lot of rumors that he is gay and that is one possibility why people hate him. Or maybe people who are over 18 don’t really like the style of music that he is making. Even though Ludacris was featured in the video, there were still a lot of people who was not pleased. It is a fail because with his popularity you won’t really expect to have that kind of feedback in his music video. Justin Bieber is just another normal kid around the block who tries to entertain people.

Yes it is true that his failure could only be in Youtube. But come to think of it, 300 million views is not a joke. So if 600 thousand didn’t like his video what else could be the result when he is seen in public? As you have seen in some other videos and news, someone even threw a bottle of water during one of his stage performances. So it is really possible that a lot of people hate him.

In a fans point of view of course they will not agree to that. But survey has already spoken for the general viewers that Justin Bieber is a big failure in the music industry. Hopefully, the same result won’t come out in his other music videos in Youtube. As a conclusion, people should really start to appreciate instead of hate. But it is really hard to appreciate something or someone that shows a bad image or reputation. It is best that he would show the whole wide world that he deserves to be respected as an artist and as a person.

For more news and events for the year 2010, just visit The 2010 Blog Central

November 3, 2010

How can a Scary Movie become Scary

In watching a scary or horror movie you need some adrenaline rush or excitement to be able to scare yourself. There are some horror movies or scary movies that are not really that scary because they lack something. These are the factors that make a scary movie scary. And if one of them is not found in that movie, people will find that scary movie a boring type of scary movie.

The Element of Surprise and Anticipation or Unexpected Situations

Something is scary when you are surprised by something. That is why you will see a lot of surprising scenes in scary movies because it is the basic way of “scaring” someone and that is by a surprise. Another thing that should be in a scary movie to make it scary is scenes with something that people will anticipate. This could also be described as unexpected situations since some scenes that are unexpected to happen would be a surprise. So if this factor is not in a scary movie, you won’t really feel that adrenaline rush or excitement.


Another important factor are scenes that would puzzle someone’s mind. These are suspense scenes that would really make people say “Oh my God, he is the killer don’t talk to him!”. When viewers know who is the villain but the main stars of the movie don’t know that, that will make the viewers really scared since they know that the person talking to the villain have a possibility to die or get hurt. Another situation is that when the villain is still unknown (even to the viewers) and suddenly he or she will be revealed and the viewers didn’t expect that person to be the villain. This factor will not only scare the viewers but will also give interest to the movie from start to finish. 

Gore, Special Effects and Realistic Scenes

If gore and special effects are not present in a scary movie, than why call it a scary movie! Gore and special effects adds to the thrill of watching a scary movie. The reason behind this is that people who are watching the scary movie will slightly feel what is happening in the scenes. A realistic scene is also important because if these scenes are not realistic enough, people will not be scared but they would just say “Yeah right, like that would happen in real life.”

So if you notice scary movies that are really scary would have at least all of these factors. Because if none of the above mentioned factor is not present in a scary movie, that scary movie would be really boring to watch.

November 2, 2010

Kzee’s Music Video Collection

This is my collection of different music videos that you can watch. There are a lot of good songs out there but some of them don’t have the music video that fits the song. MTV has been showing a lot of music video before but now Youtube has been the best source of free movie downloads and viewing. It is also possible to get these music videos by video song downloading and all you need is to get some downloading software.

Some of these songs are old and some of them are new. But I hope that you will enjoy all of these songs since they are also sung by great artists. And the great thing about it is that you can find them all in just one blog. If you are wondering why you don’t see them anymore in MTV, well don’t be sad. There is a new way of finding these and that is by using the website Youtube. But some people are really looking for some site where you can find free movie downloads because if you can find movies downloads you can also find music video downloads.

Video song downloading is common these for the main reason of having them as a file. In that way you can show them to your family and friends. That is why there is also this collection, so that you can actually save this blog and show it to them.

Here is my collection of Music Videos and it would be like watching the TV show MTV.

All of these music videos are taken from Youtube. So if you want some free music video downloads or free movie downloads just visit their official website. Remember to be careful in downloading or making copies of these music videos because video song downloading could be interpreted as music piracy.

If you enjoyed my collections of music videos, thank you for your appreciation. If you would like to see a certain music video you can also share your own link here. Or maybe you could visit and just post the link here so that the music video would be embedded.  

November 1, 2010

The Collection of Great Manual Traffic Sites

It is really hard to find a manual traffic website that will give you quality traffic to your website or blog. For the past few years I’ve been surfing in traffic sites, I discovered some traffic websites that will give you quality traffic that your website badly need. These are quality traffic because the surfers in these sites don’t only surf for credits but they also give some time to read the content on your site and check it out.

You don’t really have to pay in these sites to join, but you can register an account for free. So that means all you have to do is to spend a little time each day to earn credits on these sites. And maybe after for quite some time like around 3 to 4 months, you will have lesser time in surfing because of the referral programs and other bonuses that will give you additional credits.

Earning in these sites is also possible. Well, if you want to be an upgraded member you will earn faster. But as a free member, there are already a lot of benefits that you can have.

All you have to do now is to click on the links below and create a free account that will help you drive traffic and earn faster.

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