February 21, 2011

The Importance of Computers - Is it Necessary to the Society?

Back in the old days when hand writing was still the best mode of encoding a lot of people in the society is using hand writing to work, send messages and encode personal knowledge of something. When the typewriter was invented, the same thing happened and people started using the typewriter in exchange for hand writing. A few decades ago when the computer was invented history repeated itself. The typewriter became phased out and people started using the computer. What is the reason behind this? 

There are 3 factors that can explain this and will prove that computers are necessary in today’s society. 

Change in the Society 

The society in general is improving everyday. There are new discoveries everyday that leads to changes in the society. These changes leads to a positive effect which makes the lifestyle of one person easier to live. The invention of computers gave way for the society to do their job or daily activities easier and faster. At the same time, computers allowed businessmen and entrepreneurs to create new job positions which led to a lot of available jobs. If computers are not necessary than these opportunities won’t be available today. It is a part of the change in the society and we should accept that change. 

Purpose of Computers 

An invention that is not useful to the society will not be used by the society. A computer has a lot of purpose in different ways. If a typewriter was useful before in the society the computer overwhelmed the usefulness of a typewriter. There are a lot of people in the society today will not be able to perform well in the things they do without a computer. This is a solid proof that computers are really necessary since it serves a good purpose to the society. 

Popularity of Computers 

There are people in the society that is very traditional. They want to stick to the tradition of using hand writing as their main medium of communication and doing daily tasks or activities. Because of the popularity of computers, they are forced to jive in the trend because if they would send a written message to someone that person might not be able to respond because he or she uses the computer to communicate. Why is this happening? This is happening because through the use of a computer, they can communicate with other people in a cheaper cost. 

After reading the different factors that explained why computers are necessary, and you still think that computers are not necessary just look at what you are doing right now. If computers are not necessary you won’t be able to read this and know more about the importance, popularity and changes in the society. To conclude everything, a change in the society will not be popular if that change does help at all in the society. If something is helping the society improve their way of living than that something is really necessary.

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