January 24, 2011

The Best Fliptop Battle Collection

Ever since freestyle rapping became popular in the whole world there were a lot of rappers who practiced a lot to compete with others. In the Philippines, there is a freestyle competition which is called the Fliptop. Fliptop Battle is defined as the First Filipino Rap Battle League. This is a collection of the best battles ever seen in Youtube.com. There were a lot of battles conducted but there were some that has not been posted in Youtube.com. And some posted battles are not as entertaining as these videos posted here. I hope you will like it and enjoy listening to each line they deliver.

Loonie VS Zaito 

Damsa VS Smugglaz

Abra VS Zaito

Anygma VS Dirtbag Dan

These are only some of the best collection. Just keep on coming back on these blog to view more of the best collection of freestyle battles. There will be more Fliptop Battles soon and for sure you will want to watch the best of the best. There are some other freestylists who haven't competed yet so for sure you will be looking forward for more. If you notice in the collection, the last battle was Anygma VS Dirtbag Dan. Anygma is the host of the Fliptop and the last clip you will see is a special edition of Fliptop. I hope you enjoyed this collection and hope to see you come back to this blog for more.

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