September 14, 2011

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Game Review

Resident Evil Game Review
When it comes to gore and horror, there have been a lot of game developers in the past few years that tried to produce the best scary video game. Apparently, they cannot beat the gore and horror that Resident Evil created ever since they produced the first video game. In this game review, you will realize that there are some new release of scary video games that adopted the style and gameplay of Resident Evil.

Just like the other previous releases, there is still a lot of puzzling parts of the game wherein you really need to pay attention to everything that is happening around your character. The gore and horror is still there since there are new and better ways they will surprise you with scary creatures. Resident Evil’s secret is the element of surprise. If you noticed in each new release they make they develop a new way of surprising you by means of hardly anticipating a scary creature will appear. Of course the plot or the setting of the game is still as dark and scary similar to the old versions.

They also developed another part of the game which makes it like you are watching a scary or horror movie. They highly developed the sound effects and other sound tracks which made this new Resident Evil massively scary. In previous game reviews, you will notice that they barely mentioned about the improvement in sound of any new releases of Resident Evil. You can say that the audio for this new release could get a high score of 10/10 because it really changed the game and you will definitely play the new Resident Evil rather than watching a horror movie.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
Moving along and talking more about the gameplay of this game there are a lot of new features to expect. In the previous release of Resident Evil they didn’t have a co-op multiplayer mode which is available here in Resident Evil, Operation Raccoon City. This is a great opportunity to play with your friends online and you can even do it as a team. Another interesting part is within the single player mode wherein you can play 4 different characters. In this new release you can play as Spectre, Vector, Beltway and Bertha. Each character that you will play will have a different result in the game story. So if you want to explore the different stories of the game based on each character you should try to play all the 4 available characters.

More about the gameplay, since you will be able to play the part of 4 different characters you will really enjoy the thrill of being the evil person. In the previous Resident Evil, some of these options are already available but in the Operation Raccoon City there are more options added in any type of game mode. Generally, you can give this new release a 9.5/10 rating since there were a lot of improvement and new options.

April 22, 2011

Jomchang – Phuket Real Estate Residential Project

Positioned in the finest land area of Phuket, Jomchang is the best place you can have your permanent residential. If you want to have a privacy of your own while enjoying the great scenery of Phuket, the Jomchang residential project is your solution. You residence will widely be invincible to neighboring houses and that is consistent to all residents found in the area. Although you are hidden from the other residents, you will still be able to have a good glance of the nature surrounding your residence. This is the best description of the external features of Jomchang residential houses.

There are more outdoor features besides the unique positioning of your residential house. Here are the additional outdoor features.

Jacuzzi, Swimming Pool shaded by Trees and a small Zen Garden – Having all the resource for relaxing is the best feature a residential house can offer. All of these outdoor features are included in the residential house. Remember that even though you are mingling outside your house you will feel total privacy. So it is not only the natural view that can relax your mind but all these other features will allow you to enjoy more than something natural. It is like a recreational center with a residential house since you want everything to be private you don’t have to leave your house for entertainment or relaxing purposes.

Moving on to the interior design, here are some features that you would like to hear about.

Glass wall’s found in the dinning room and living room area – If you enjoy eating your lunch or dinner while having the opportunity to have a view of the surrounding nature, glass walls in your dinning room will allow you to do that. This doesn’t mean that you will loose your privacy since the location of your house is invincible to other houses. Thus, there are a lot of trees around your vicinity which makes a perfect cover for your own privacy. This glass wall is also found in your living room. It will provide you with the experience of relaxing in your living room while experiencing the serenity of human nature.

Wine Cellars – Relaxing isn’t complete without a sip of wine. Wine cellars found inside the house will be your partner while you sit down and relax. Practically, everything you need to relax or even everything you need to live your daily life is found in these residential houses. Professional designers, Architects and Engineers helped each other to put up this perfect relaxing residential house. That is why they came up with a wine cellar that is not a regular wine bar that you could find in other houses. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the content of the wine cellars because it is filled with various wines that people crave for.

Reading or Yoga Salas and Gaming Room – Here are some features that could be described as old hobbies and new hobbies. You won’t really be bored doing something over and over again because you will have a lot of options and a lot of things to do. If you enjoy reading a book once in a while, a reading or yoga room that is located exactly above the Andaman Sea. Now for the new genre of hobbies, you can also find a gaming room wherein you can find the latest technology of gaming consoles. This is a complete entertainment from old school to new school types of entertainment.
There are more features that you can find in the interior part of the residential area but these are only some of the highlighted features. You can say that it is the top of the line residential area found in Phuket. 

Jomchang is describes as the exclusive villa found in on of the most private and beautiful location in South East Asia. It is a total privacy combined with the most useful recreational facilities and needs of any individual. A Jomchang residential house costs around $7,500,000 and everything you have read above is already included. Each Jomchang villa has a different design to each other. The features included are still found in each villa made. In addition, all villa’s have the privilege of a 180 degrees view of the nature around the villa and the Andaman beach.

The villa’s complete description is actually “A spacious area found in one of the most beautiful location which allows you to have your own private life without leaving behind all the things that completes a totally relaxed happy life”. If you are looking for happiness, relaxation and a place far from the stressful world Jomchang is the answer to that. It is a complete package combining nature and technology. It is the perfect escape from the cities population and noise but at the same time you can still enjoy the things that you normally do in other crowded places.

March 28, 2011

The Best Rap Software with a Lot of Useful Features

There has been a quick turnaround music and audio production ever since audio editing software’s was created. It made the creation, recording, editing and mixing down of audio files easier than ever. Rap software is one of the best software available in the market because of its usefulness when it comes to dragging and dropping bars, balancing audio and recording sounds from any type of instrument. This is a far different advantage of Rap Software from other audio editing software’s available. Here are other specified advantages of this software that is highly distinguishable from other popular audio editing software’s.

16 built in tracks come with this software wherein you can easily mix it with other sounds and audio files because of the drag and drop ability of this software. You can also edit these tracks to suit your listening pleasures. Not only is that recording sounds from different instruments also possible to get the best audio file you want. Rap software is a user friendly software wherein you don’t have to undergo any type of audio editing training to be able to use it. Within the recorded audio files from different instruments, you can still edit that audio file to make the audio sound clearer or well arranged.

Thousands of drum sounds are also available for the best rap beats. These drum sounds are heard from different popular rap beats. It is not only drums sound that has a lot of selections but there are also a lot of available selection for piano, guitar and other orchestral instruments. These selections is categorized into multiple kits which makes it easier for you to combine sounds because the different kits available are mastered so that the instruments in each kit in the Rap Software will jive to each other when combined. Each instrument in each kit has a superb audio quality that when it is saved or mixed down into an audio file, it has a clean audio quality.

A built in drum editor and 4 octave wicked sampling keyboard is also available for better audio and sound editing. This will allow you to create wicked sounds that are only possible if you own a keyboard. But with these built in features of the Rap Software, everything is possible especially if you are really creative in creating par beats. You can do different types of sounds or combinations of instruments that you can easily adjust the tone and volume. Practically, you can start using Rap Software and start practice creating Rap Beats or Rap Music and start from basic creations and become a pro in just a few days.

Another special feature that is really helpful for audio editors or engineers is the 10 pad button where you can input different kits or instruments. This will allow you to place sounds in your audio template with just a press of a button. To any audio editor or engineer, having a pad button to create a rap beat is the easiest way. Rap Software is basically is the most useful because of the features it contains. When it comes to results, you can mix down or save the audio file with great quality.

February 21, 2011

The Importance of Computers - Is it Necessary to the Society?

Back in the old days when hand writing was still the best mode of encoding a lot of people in the society is using hand writing to work, send messages and encode personal knowledge of something. When the typewriter was invented, the same thing happened and people started using the typewriter in exchange for hand writing. A few decades ago when the computer was invented history repeated itself. The typewriter became phased out and people started using the computer. What is the reason behind this? 

There are 3 factors that can explain this and will prove that computers are necessary in today’s society. 

Change in the Society 

The society in general is improving everyday. There are new discoveries everyday that leads to changes in the society. These changes leads to a positive effect which makes the lifestyle of one person easier to live. The invention of computers gave way for the society to do their job or daily activities easier and faster. At the same time, computers allowed businessmen and entrepreneurs to create new job positions which led to a lot of available jobs. If computers are not necessary than these opportunities won’t be available today. It is a part of the change in the society and we should accept that change. 

Purpose of Computers 

An invention that is not useful to the society will not be used by the society. A computer has a lot of purpose in different ways. If a typewriter was useful before in the society the computer overwhelmed the usefulness of a typewriter. There are a lot of people in the society today will not be able to perform well in the things they do without a computer. This is a solid proof that computers are really necessary since it serves a good purpose to the society. 

Popularity of Computers 

There are people in the society that is very traditional. They want to stick to the tradition of using hand writing as their main medium of communication and doing daily tasks or activities. Because of the popularity of computers, they are forced to jive in the trend because if they would send a written message to someone that person might not be able to respond because he or she uses the computer to communicate. Why is this happening? This is happening because through the use of a computer, they can communicate with other people in a cheaper cost. 

After reading the different factors that explained why computers are necessary, and you still think that computers are not necessary just look at what you are doing right now. If computers are not necessary you won’t be able to read this and know more about the importance, popularity and changes in the society. To conclude everything, a change in the society will not be popular if that change does help at all in the society. If something is helping the society improve their way of living than that something is really necessary.

January 24, 2011

The Best Fliptop Battle Collection

Ever since freestyle rapping became popular in the whole world there were a lot of rappers who practiced a lot to compete with others. In the Philippines, there is a freestyle competition which is called the Fliptop. Fliptop Battle is defined as the First Filipino Rap Battle League. This is a collection of the best battles ever seen in There were a lot of battles conducted but there were some that has not been posted in And some posted battles are not as entertaining as these videos posted here. I hope you will like it and enjoy listening to each line they deliver.

Loonie VS Zaito 

Damsa VS Smugglaz

Abra VS Zaito

Anygma VS Dirtbag Dan

These are only some of the best collection. Just keep on coming back on these blog to view more of the best collection of freestyle battles. There will be more Fliptop Battles soon and for sure you will want to watch the best of the best. There are some other freestylists who haven't competed yet so for sure you will be looking forward for more. If you notice in the collection, the last battle was Anygma VS Dirtbag Dan. Anygma is the host of the Fliptop and the last clip you will see is a special edition of Fliptop. I hope you enjoyed this collection and hope to see you come back to this blog for more.

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