April 22, 2011

Jomchang – Phuket Real Estate Residential Project

Positioned in the finest land area of Phuket, Jomchang is the best place you can have your permanent residential. If you want to have a privacy of your own while enjoying the great scenery of Phuket, the Jomchang residential project is your solution. You residence will widely be invincible to neighboring houses and that is consistent to all residents found in the area. Although you are hidden from the other residents, you will still be able to have a good glance of the nature surrounding your residence. This is the best description of the external features of Jomchang residential houses.

There are more outdoor features besides the unique positioning of your residential house. Here are the additional outdoor features.

Jacuzzi, Swimming Pool shaded by Trees and a small Zen Garden – Having all the resource for relaxing is the best feature a residential house can offer. All of these outdoor features are included in the residential house. Remember that even though you are mingling outside your house you will feel total privacy. So it is not only the natural view that can relax your mind but all these other features will allow you to enjoy more than something natural. It is like a recreational center with a residential house since you want everything to be private you don’t have to leave your house for entertainment or relaxing purposes.

Moving on to the interior design, here are some features that you would like to hear about.

Glass wall’s found in the dinning room and living room area – If you enjoy eating your lunch or dinner while having the opportunity to have a view of the surrounding nature, glass walls in your dinning room will allow you to do that. This doesn’t mean that you will loose your privacy since the location of your house is invincible to other houses. Thus, there are a lot of trees around your vicinity which makes a perfect cover for your own privacy. This glass wall is also found in your living room. It will provide you with the experience of relaxing in your living room while experiencing the serenity of human nature.

Wine Cellars – Relaxing isn’t complete without a sip of wine. Wine cellars found inside the house will be your partner while you sit down and relax. Practically, everything you need to relax or even everything you need to live your daily life is found in these residential houses. Professional designers, Architects and Engineers helped each other to put up this perfect relaxing residential house. That is why they came up with a wine cellar that is not a regular wine bar that you could find in other houses. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the content of the wine cellars because it is filled with various wines that people crave for.

Reading or Yoga Salas and Gaming Room – Here are some features that could be described as old hobbies and new hobbies. You won’t really be bored doing something over and over again because you will have a lot of options and a lot of things to do. If you enjoy reading a book once in a while, a reading or yoga room that is located exactly above the Andaman Sea. Now for the new genre of hobbies, you can also find a gaming room wherein you can find the latest technology of gaming consoles. This is a complete entertainment from old school to new school types of entertainment.
There are more features that you can find in the interior part of the residential area but these are only some of the highlighted features. You can say that it is the top of the line residential area found in Phuket. 

Jomchang is describes as the exclusive villa found in on of the most private and beautiful location in South East Asia. It is a total privacy combined with the most useful recreational facilities and needs of any individual. A Jomchang residential house costs around $7,500,000 and everything you have read above is already included. Each Jomchang villa has a different design to each other. The features included are still found in each villa made. In addition, all villa’s have the privilege of a 180 degrees view of the nature around the villa and the Andaman beach.

The villa’s complete description is actually “A spacious area found in one of the most beautiful location which allows you to have your own private life without leaving behind all the things that completes a totally relaxed happy life”. If you are looking for happiness, relaxation and a place far from the stressful world Jomchang is the answer to that. It is a complete package combining nature and technology. It is the perfect escape from the cities population and noise but at the same time you can still enjoy the things that you normally do in other crowded places.

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