November 10, 2010

Justin Bieber’s Youtube Music Video – Total Failure

There are a lot of talented singers in the Music Industry today but not all of them have a good image to the public. Can you imagine that it is possible to have over 300 million views but over 600 thousand of them hated that thing they viewed? In the music video Baby by Justin Bieber it is possible. His video in Youtube has over 300 million views but 600 thousand dislikes it and only 300 thousand likes it.

It may sound impossible but you can check it for yourself. There were also a lot of rumors that he is gay and that is one possibility why people hate him. Or maybe people who are over 18 don’t really like the style of music that he is making. Even though Ludacris was featured in the video, there were still a lot of people who was not pleased. It is a fail because with his popularity you won’t really expect to have that kind of feedback in his music video. Justin Bieber is just another normal kid around the block who tries to entertain people.

Yes it is true that his failure could only be in Youtube. But come to think of it, 300 million views is not a joke. So if 600 thousand didn’t like his video what else could be the result when he is seen in public? As you have seen in some other videos and news, someone even threw a bottle of water during one of his stage performances. So it is really possible that a lot of people hate him.

In a fans point of view of course they will not agree to that. But survey has already spoken for the general viewers that Justin Bieber is a big failure in the music industry. Hopefully, the same result won’t come out in his other music videos in Youtube. As a conclusion, people should really start to appreciate instead of hate. But it is really hard to appreciate something or someone that shows a bad image or reputation. It is best that he would show the whole wide world that he deserves to be respected as an artist and as a person.

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