November 15, 2010

Antonio Margarito’s Mouth Made More Damage than His Punches

Trash talking is normal for boxers especially if both fighters have a heavy rivalry. There are some people not only boxers themselves but also trainers and other staff that go beyond the boarder of trash talking. In the latest fight of Antonio Margarito against Manny Pacquiao, there was a lot of trash talking in the part of Team Margarito.

Antonio Margarito “Manny Pacquiao cannot punch, he doesn’t punch that hard.”
Richard Garcia (Margarito’s Trainer) “Manny Pacquiao is scared of Margarito.”

These are only some of the trash talking that happened before the fight. This could be a strategy but sometimes it can also be their arrogance or over confidence. Margarito is 5 inches taller and heavier than Pacquiao and that could be the factor that made them think that they can win it easily. Before the fight these words can really damage a person, but during the fight these words are practically useless.

Antonio Margarito “I will prove in this fight that I don’t cheat and I will prove that I can really hit hard.” – After Margarito said these words, he even flexed and showed his muscles and six packed abs.

Margarito’s physical condition and what he had said as his physical ability actually didn’t show up in the boxing ring. In other words, all the trash talking and arrogant statements of Margarito are all lies. When the fight ended both eyes of Margarito was severely swollen that he was rushed to the hospital after the fight. On the other hand, Manny Pacquiao only has a slight bruise in his right cheek bone. So it just shows that Margarito damages his opponent throught his mouth (trash talking) and not by his fist and punches.

There was also a video posted in Youtube regarding Team Margarito’s stuff making fun of Freddie Roach’s disease. These kinds of actions are not really necessary because the fight will be decided in the ring. It just shows that they are really good at talking trash behind people but when it comes to action they cannot prove anything.

During the fight Antonio Margarito even have the guts to smile or laugh at Pacquiao every time Pacquiao lands a 3 or 4 combo punch. It was like he was daring Manny Pacquiao to hit harder because Margarito is somehow saying to Pacquiao that his punches are not hurting him. Guess what? From round 7 to round 12 Antonio Margarito cannot smile anymore because he was already feeling that the game has been brought by Pacquiao.

Antonio Margarito didn’t appear in the post-fight interview because after the fight he had to be rushed to the hospital. He dared Pacquiao to bring the game and Pacquiao showed his game. This just proves that Antonio Margarito cannot punch hard and on the other hand Manny Pacquiao is really a hard hitter.

Probably Antonio Margarito should quit boxing and just go back to where he came from and just trash talk with his fellow Mexicans. Or maybe, he just wanted to fight Pacquiao because of the money that he will earn from the fight.

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