November 3, 2010

How can a Scary Movie become Scary

In watching a scary or horror movie you need some adrenaline rush or excitement to be able to scare yourself. There are some horror movies or scary movies that are not really that scary because they lack something. These are the factors that make a scary movie scary. And if one of them is not found in that movie, people will find that scary movie a boring type of scary movie.

The Element of Surprise and Anticipation or Unexpected Situations

Something is scary when you are surprised by something. That is why you will see a lot of surprising scenes in scary movies because it is the basic way of “scaring” someone and that is by a surprise. Another thing that should be in a scary movie to make it scary is scenes with something that people will anticipate. This could also be described as unexpected situations since some scenes that are unexpected to happen would be a surprise. So if this factor is not in a scary movie, you won’t really feel that adrenaline rush or excitement.


Another important factor are scenes that would puzzle someone’s mind. These are suspense scenes that would really make people say “Oh my God, he is the killer don’t talk to him!”. When viewers know who is the villain but the main stars of the movie don’t know that, that will make the viewers really scared since they know that the person talking to the villain have a possibility to die or get hurt. Another situation is that when the villain is still unknown (even to the viewers) and suddenly he or she will be revealed and the viewers didn’t expect that person to be the villain. This factor will not only scare the viewers but will also give interest to the movie from start to finish. 

Gore, Special Effects and Realistic Scenes

If gore and special effects are not present in a scary movie, than why call it a scary movie! Gore and special effects adds to the thrill of watching a scary movie. The reason behind this is that people who are watching the scary movie will slightly feel what is happening in the scenes. A realistic scene is also important because if these scenes are not realistic enough, people will not be scared but they would just say “Yeah right, like that would happen in real life.”

So if you notice scary movies that are really scary would have at least all of these factors. Because if none of the above mentioned factor is not present in a scary movie, that scary movie would be really boring to watch.

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