November 24, 2010

Software Technology – Crack Codes, Viruses and Inconsistency

The popularity of computer and internet has been growing fast for the past decade. Alongside with this is the growing industry and popularity of software technology. Its fast growth is widely expected because of its demand when it comes to the usage of computers, laptops and even the internet. Its demand is high because from students to office workers use this type of technology in their everyday life. But still, there are available products of this technology that gives a negative effect on the usage of computers and laptops.

If something is that important, than why does it pose a negative effect? Yes it is important but it could still pose a negative effect because there are some software manufacturers that create a new product that is highly exploitable. A software technology could be exploited by the use of key generators, Keygen or a crack code. Manufacturers may have the best software developers in their team but there are individual programmers out there than can easily penetrate their programming.

It is not only the exploitation that poses a threat or a negative effect. There are also other factors such as, incompatibility, consistency and having a virus free update. Complains from computers and laptop users on these factors have been asked in several websites, blog and forum but the complete answer or solution has not yet been said. A good example of this is the Microsoft Word 2007 (manufactured by Microsoft Corporation).

There are millions who are using Microsoft word 2007 to write articles, projects, home works and office files. A common complaint or discrepancy people complain about this software technology is the consistency of its spelling and grammar checker and not regarding a crack code. Most of the time there is a problem with the checking of grammar by the software. When people finish their paper work and submit it, mentors, instructors and teachers question the sentence structure or the grammar of certain sentences in the paper work. The person who made the paper work would check it again over Microsoft word and the software would say that there is nothing wrong with the spelling or grammar.

Other concerns in software usage such as the incompatibility and virus free updates could be categorized as minor concerns. There are quick solutions to these types of software problem. Software’s that are highly popular to computers and laptop users would have some sort of quick troubleshooting or solutions to problems that highly affects people’s daily lives. These software manufacturers should be thankful that there is no one yet (besides them) that could dominate the industry of software manufacturing.


  1. I can relate my case to this, one time, I got a problem using Grammar Auto-checker of MS2007 and its recent version. It will ignore the use of "its" and "it's" to a sentence. My Professor noticed it. And from that time, I was pushed to review my English, you know, It's just that we can't rely on computer(s) all the time.

  2. It is true that we cannot rely on Computer(s) and computer software's. But Millions of people are using it and it is one of the basic needs of people in school and in the office.

    They could at least make a good program and make a good example of sentence structure and correct grammar, etc.


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