June 20, 2009

How record labels adapt to a world of online music

In our world today, most purchases, research, reviews, and others are done on-line. One of the most popular searched or purchased on-line is in line with our music industry. Most people these days get their favorite music or favorite song on the Internet when we can still purchase them in a shop.

How do record labels adapt to this growing popularity of the Internet? There are many ways in which record labels adapt to this, by means of promoting new albums on-line.

Record labels are making sure that they are the first ones to be promoting their new talents or albums on-line. But still there are those people who are sneaking in and trying to take the first step in promoting besides the main record labels. In reality, those people who are trying to sneak in on these promotions are always failing. Let's face it, those who are taking advantages on this type of occasions could sell new products of a record label for a low price, but, they don't last that long. The main reason is quality and assurance, purchasing from the main record labels will give you a 100% assurance that their quality is the best from the rest.

Another approach of these record labels in adapting is by eliminating piracy. There are some people who are not content to sneak in on promotions' they go to plan "B" and start making pirated copies of new songs. Record labels are making sure that piracy would be lessened or even better eliminated with the help of the Government.

Selling their products on-line more than in the market is another approach. For the consumers, this is an advantage because it is more accessible and sometimes cheaper. We often search the web for new songs that will be released, sometimes we encounter sites that promotes free downloads of this songs. As I've said, the quality and assurance of this songs may not be the same as the record label's copy. People will soon end up deleting the downloaded file and start looking for the real deal on-line. There are some who could not find what they are looking for on the net, so they still have a second choice, which is in the market or stores.

In this way, record labels are still winning the race, but as we all know the sales of record labels are still decreasing. The reason behind the decrease is basically the undying illegal acts of some people. Even though record labels are always finding ways to stop them, it seems that these people still find ways to make money in different ways.

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