June 20, 2009

Reasons why Crocs are popular

Some may find it ugly, some may find it fabulous, that's what made the brand of shoe "Crocs" so popular.

For those who say Crocs has an odd and ugly design.

There are 2 designs of that is very eye catching, the ugly designs and the beautiful designs. Many people say that "Crocs" has an ugly and odd design, well thats their strategy to fame. People will give attention to your shoes if it has a great design, but, they will also give attention to your shoes if has an ugly design or an odd design. I can't say that Crocs has an ugly design, but I can say that Crocs has a unique design of their shoes. Here in the Philippines a lot of local designers are trying to imitate or pirate the design of Crocs, for the main reason that Crocs is really popular these days. From a far you can tell if someone is using Crocs, thats what made them popular! the unique and distinguishable design. Thats why for those who say that Crocs has an odd and ugly design, well, Crocs is thanking those people because it is the reason why Crocs is very noticeable.

For those who say Crocs is Fabulous.

There are a lot of shoes in the market that is really popular, but Crocs made a different impression. There are those who say Crocs design is odd but what they don't realize that their design is quite fabulous. Who would ever thought that a bulky looking shoes would look nice? Well, Crocs made that impression. Crocs became famous because of those people who say its fabulous, the unique design of Crocs attracted buyers because most people are looking for shoes that has a unique design. Another characteristics of Crocs why it became popular because it is comfortable to use, if ever you own a Crocs you can wear it for the whole day and you don't need to worry about hurting your foot.

With the combination of both positive and negative critics, Crocs is now as popular as the other leading brands of shoes like Nike, Adidas, Jordan, Girbaud and others. Who would even believe that a negative reaction on something can make something popular. Let me give an example, if you guys would remember William Hung who auditioned in American Idol's thats an example of negative reactions making things possible. The same thing with Crocs because some people think that it has an odd design, now people are talking about it and thats how it spread the word. Now you know why Crocs is that popular; combine the unique design, negative critics and its comfortable texture.

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