June 19, 2009

Kzee's Collection

This is a collection of everything that I am interested with. I will also post about things I know that I would like to share to everyone. There are a lot of things that we would like to explore and share them to family and friends. The Internet has been a great source of exploration and sharing of ideas. I am interested in basketball, music, video games, technology, gadgets and many more. There are a lot of people out there who has the same interests as mine. I hope you could find things that you want to know about your interest in here. With the fast growing phase of our technology, there are a lot of new things that we could get interested with. And when we get interested to it, we want to know more about it. Same thing with me, I often research and ask about things that I want to know about. Sooner or later you can find them here.

Latest news and current events could also be found here. I love watching news and current events especially when you can debate on it. Conflicts between two parties are normal these days. We can see conflicts in every corner of the streets. Life in the streets will also be shown and discussed or what is popularly known as the "street life" or "thug life". As for those things that we don't discuss that much, I believe it would be best to discuss about it as well. Knowing a bit of everything will lead us to somewhere for sure.

I hope you will enjoy reading the future articles that would be published in this blog. I will be posting a lot of images and pictures as well to highly emphasize on things that I wanted to share. Just like the words "to see is to believe."


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