October 30, 2010

PS3 – Modern Warfare 2 Cheats

There is a time during war that you have to cheat to have a step ahead of the enemy. If you are looking for some fun and action you should try out Modern Warfare 2 and grab a copy of these cheat guide. Modern warfare 2 cheats for PS3 is really great since you can actually know hints and tips about the game that can give you a step ahead of your enemies.

Important things that you can collect in Modern Warfare 2 are Intel laptops which are really hard to find in game. But with the help of this modern warfare 2 cheats you can spot the Intel laptops hidden location faster.

If you would reach the obstacle course, go straight across its entrance and you will see a watch tower. Search under the watch tower and you will see the Intel laptop there.

Act I: Team Player
In the act you can find 2 Intel laptops. The first one could be found in the right wall of the classroom (right side of the classroom when you enter). Wait for someone to announce “I think I saw one go in that classroom.” The second Intel laptop could be found outside the school (when you exit the school). When you exit you will see a crate which is beside a taxi. The Intel laptop is located in that area.

Act I: Cliffhanger
In this part of modern warfare 2 cheats, you can actually find 3 Intel laptops. The first one will be located in front of you when Soap would tell you to “Go ahead alone in a guard tower”. You will find the Intel laptop in the catwalk upon walking up the ladder. The second one is located in the previous building that you and Soap entered. It is the building in the alley where there is a Jet inside the hanger. Break out the window and find the Intel laptop there. The third one is located in the snowmobile sequence. When you reach 1850m from the finish point, you will see a small wooden fence surrounded by some trees. The Intel laptop is located in the ground inside the fence area.

Act I: Takedown
In this stage you can actually find 4 Intel laptops. The first one could be found in the south-west area when you enter the “Favela”. Find a motorcycle and got to its front direction and find a building. Go inside the door of the building and you will find the Intel laptop in the right side window of the building (as you enter). The second one is in the alley of the building where you can find a ladder on the wall. Climb up the ladder and you will see a table inside where the second Intel laptop is located. Across the building you are currently in, you can find another building and that is where you can find the third Intel laptop. It is inside the building on a nightstand beside a bed. The fourth Intel laptop is located in another alley. You will find a stairs (downstairs) and you will find 2 beds, which is where the fourth Intel laptop is located.

Act II: Wolverines
There are also 4 Intel laptops found in this act. Modern warfare 2 cheats mad it simple for you to follow the directions fast. The first one is located in the counter of a gas station (after you pass thru an alley). The second one is located across Nate’s Restaurant, and its exact location is under the sign “Online Banking”. The third one is found inside the Taco To Go shop. It would be in the blown up corner of the shop. The fourth one is inside a dumpster; it would be easily seen since it is above the roof ladder of Burger Town (East Side).

These are some of the modern warfare 2 cheats that you can actually apply in game. By collecting all the Intel laptop it will actually earn you bonus points and items. That is why it is really important to collect them all.

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