February 15, 2010

The Best Strategy in FishVille

In every new game comes a very effective strategy to be on top of the game. FishVille is a new game on Facebook and you can create your own strategy to be one of the top levels. Here are some tips that you can do to have the best strategy in Fishville.
Before learning the strategy you should know first how the game works. FishVille is a game where in you buy fishes that you would put in your aquarium and when that fish has the right age and is able to be sold you can sell that fish.

You can reach level 8 within 1 day by:


Buying Mini Dart Goby during level 1 is the best deal. You will have to feed it 3 to 4 times before it reaches the age of 4. Remember that the fish will die within 8 – 15 minutes if you will not feed it right. After feeding Mini Dart Goby and it reaches the age of 4, you can sell it already. Waiting it to reach age 5 will take you another 2 days to wait and feed it. So if it is already age 4, you should already sell it. Each Mini Dart Goby (Age 4) will give you 24 Experience Points. A level 1 account can have a maximum of 10 fishes so 10 X 24 will give you an instant 240 Experience Points.


Do this strategy 10 times and will only take around an hour or two in doing this strategy. After doing it 10 times (2400 Experience Points or more) you will be already have a level 5 account. When you are in level 5 you will be able to place around 30 fishes in your tank. Now you can put 30 Mini Dart Goby in the tank and that will give you 720 experience points.


Just continue doing the first step for 3 times and for sure you will reach level 8 in no time. After doing the first step 3 more time its time to change strategy. The fish you should buy now is the Red Spot Cardinal. Feeding this fish will be every after 10 – 15 minutes. You can multi-task while waiting to feed your fishes. When the Red Spot Cardinal reaches age 3 you can already sell it. It will give you 36 experience points per fish. 36 X 30 = 1080 experience points.


The final step is to buy fishes which are ready within 24 hours – hours. A Scooter Blenny is a good fish to buy because it would be ready within 24 – 48 hours and it pays out high quantity of coins. After buying the fishes feed it once and you are ready to log out.

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